Soft Skills

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Associate Microsoft Trainer

Associate with Nexgenn

As a Microsoft Certified Learning Partner we have a commitment to our customers to provide the highest level of training standards possible. To this end we continue to seek out talented individuals with a natural flair for communicating technical subject matter to a wide variety of audiences.

With customers both here in the UK and Europe, we deliver classess in native english covering a wide spectrum of products.

We are always looking to add to our existing portfolio of trainers. You must already have achieved your MCT qualification and have some commercial training delivery experience. Perhaps you may have already chosen a specialist subject to focus on such as Microsoft SharePoint Server, SQL Server, System Center, Exchange Server or generalise in Windows Server – We’d like to hear from you.

In the first instance please send us your CV to our Human Resources department. Please also include a link to your online transcript.

Need to know more about our associate program, give us a call on 0845 600 6061