Managing Trust Relationships with Multiple Business Identity Providers (basics)

Decoupling cloud service from all the complexity maintaining a direct relationship with all the identity providers. Any identity provider can use its own authentication protocol and the authentication results will get normalised and once established will Access Control Services (ACS) care about authentication and authorisation including provisioning of a User Interface (UI) for the user to choose among all the recognised identity providers. Claims will be accessible for the application developer as well as for Single Sign-On (SSO) IT Professional to establish easy authentication and/or authorisation without the necessity to know authentication protocols in detail. Management of different and multiple business identity providers will be handled in a unique fashion without the necessity to write different code. This relationship is called ‘normalising attributes’ and will be realised by you via the Azure Management Application Programming Interface (API).

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Establish an organisational Enterprise Security Service Bus
  • Create a Relying Party
  • Establish Audit Collection Services (ACS) to delegate authentication
  • Forward every request from unauthenticated users to ACS
  • Broker authentication
  • Change access rules in response to programmatic events
  • Produce a securable resource
  • Configure and code Input and Output claims transformation
  • Broker Security Token Services from Yahoo and Microsoft
  • Establish a tokenised communication between Azure Namespaces and WS-Federation sign-in endpoints
  • Establish a Microsoft Azure Active Directory (MAAD) as an (additional) identity provider for any application associated/interfacing with their namespace
  • Create an Azure Identity Provider via Namespace association
  • Establish Azure Active Directory data streams into Name Space connected Applications
  • Register a MAAD Graph Database as an additional identity provider for a namespace that controls global access and SSO
  • Execute basic steps to establish MAAD as an SSO identity providers for web application

This course is intended for Architects, IT Professional and Developers. IT Professional who also create software applications, build or write computer code or develop Websites or complex macros as a secondary responsibility and Developers who create software applications, develop websites and create complex macros. Both should have a minimum of three months programming experience in C# and have basic Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013 navigation skills as well as Architects tasked with transitioning Identity and Access from classic on-Premise or non-Azure data-centers into Microsoft Azure Cloud or tasked to build secure Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)/Platform as a service (PaaS) Hybrids between on-premise and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Before attending this course, students must have:

  • Knowledge and Skills to accomplish a given assignment in Visual Studio when using the General Development Settings collection in Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012 or Visual Studio 2013
  • There is no prerequisite nor a requirement to use a credit card to establish a Microsoft Azure Account or to have a Microsoft Azure Account at all. Every student receives one or more than one dedicated cloud service(s) in VBIC’s cloud based virtual classroom. Student’s can be virtually anywhere and at different timezones and require only a Windows based Operating System (OS) device to utilise their Remote Desktop Connection tool, available on all Microsoft Windows Desktop operating systems > Windows XP

All our public scheduled training courses offer delegates the following facilities which are all included at no extra cost: 

  • Mini Continental Breakfast, with a choice of Croissants, Pastries, Cereals, Juices, and of course Tea and Coffee
  • Buffet Lunch
  • A Selection of Soft Beverages are available throughout the Training Day
  • Full Course Manual (Official Curriculum Courseware for Technical Courses where Designated)
  • Course Exercise Files on CD\DVD or Online
  • Course Stationery Pack (Pen, Pencil and Paper)
  • Course Certificate (Vendor Accredited where Designated)
  • FREE Internet Access during your visit (Wi-Fi as Available)

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Course Details:

Duration: 3 Days
Delivery: Instructor led
Type: Course
Setting: Classroom
Language: English
Audience: IT Professionals
Code: MS55091
Exam: -
Level: 300

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